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If you have ever been to any of our events or tech Days and you've taken pictures please forward them on to us so we can get them up on the site. If you could also include a write-up for your pictures and what you saw and enjoyed that day, it will give others a sense of how our events and tech days go.

More CAR event pictures can be found on Silvermiata's Picture Pages.

Tech Days
November 8th, 2003 Tech Day at Brad's: Everybody gets everything all the time
October 11th, 2003 Tech Day at Wally's: Special K gets a new forced induction system
September 27th, 2003 Tech Day at Mike's : A little bit of everything was done
September 13th, 2003 Tech Day at TJ's: TJ gets a timing belt
August 31st, 2003 Tech Day / Party at Special K's: Wrenching with the drunk... in the dark
June 21st, 2003 Tech Day at Brad's: GoKart Gets a New Clutch
April 03rd, 2003 Tech Day: TEIN Install and More
August 4th, 2002 Tech Day: Installing Elaine's Engine
June 22nd, 2002 Tech Day/Car Show at ZoomZoom Brad's (Pictures by Matt Lounsbury)
May 25th, 2002 Tech Day: Shock/Spring Install on Daniel's '00 EVO (Pictures by Christian LeHew)
April 7th, 2002 Tech Day: HardDog Hardcore Sport Rollbar Install on Mike's '01 Base
March 30th, 2002 Tech Day: Shock/Spring Install on Eric's '99 SE
Club Drives
October 18th, 2003 Club Drive: Northern Deleware, Microbrews, and a very small autocross
July 20th, 2003 Crabs or Cones: Eat crabs and drink beer, or stand for hours in the hot sun. Easy choice.
June 26st, 2003 Club Drive: Snowball Run
December 15th, 2002 Club Lunch: The Ram's Head
July 20th, 2002 PACE 10th Anniversary Picnic
June 29th, 2002 Lunch at The Canopy in Eldersburg, MD
May 18th, 2002 Import Kit/Replicar Nationals at Carlisle FairGrounds
May 4th, 2002 Import Power Jam Car Show at Carlisle FairGrounds
February 9th, 2002
By Eric and By Matt
MotorTrend International Auto Show at Baltimore Arena (Pictures by Eric Grimes and Matt Lounsbury)
February 2nd, 2002 Lunch at The Rams Head Tavern in Savage, MD
July 20th, 2003 Crabs or Cones: Eat crabs and drink beer, or stand for hours in the hot sun. Easy choice.
June 15th, 2003 Autocross: Porsche Club Event at Ripkin Stadium
March 23rd, 2002 First Autocross of the Season at FedEx Field (Pictures and write-up by Christian LeHew)