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Tech Day @ Wally's
christian's project 1 christian's project 2 christina's here
christian's project Brake & Clutch Flush KanseiFlyGirl Comes to Play
christina's miata cp racing tie bars elaine's tie bars 2
KanseiFlyGirl's miata cp racing rear tie bars elaine's front tie bar
elaine's tie bars 3 fun 1 fun 3
If it doesn't fit, make it fit Mark, one of our shorter members Little car, No seats
fun 7 ian's famous plates ian's project 2
How many can we fit in? Yes Ian, we're mad for it too Ian's Strut Bar
ian's project 3 jd's schmok'n jd's titanium
Ms. Mad helps out JD sets his shoe on fire JD's new paint
lunch many miata's 1 many miata's 4
The official bug of this event Mmm, Silver! More of the gathered silvers
mark's speaker project 2 more green miatas sk's project 1
mark's speaker project more green miatas Special K adds the parcel shelf lighting he's always wanted
sk's project 11 sk's project 12 sk's project 13
Jaymond: "But it fit just fine on my car." Making room for the turbo More fuel please
sk's project 3 sk's project 6 wally's roll bar 1
Plumming Special leverage tools wally's roll bar
wally's roll bar 2 wally's roll bar 3 wally's roll bar 6
The final bolts Who needs carpet? Wally and his trained chimp finish up the final details
This particular tech day ended some 8 hours later with 1 complete turbo install and 3 litres of flushed brake fluid.
Thanks to Our host, and everyone who came out to work and lend moral support.